Making Peace: Israel/Palestine (my reply to Falk’s posting today)

Prof. Falk,

Every few months, when the world was finally getting used to not hearing your false narrative, you come up with these “interviews” making the appearance of an authentic inquiry into your state of mind. Of course it would have been easier for you to simply copy and paste one of your dozens of previous essays/interviews as in the end you continue to parrot the same material.

If you would simply find a way to disprove any of these points below you would at least add some minor credence to your arguments:

1. The Jewish people (nation) are the indigenous inheritors of the land of Israel, namely the area known as “greater Israel” from the Jordan (although the first mandate had both sides as being for the Jewish nation) to the Mediterranean. This is not only established in the 3 monotheistic religions and stated as such in the New and Old testaments as well as the Koran. Furthermore, if you just take non-religious writings such as historical manuscripts, scrolls, archaeological findings etc you have all the trappings of a vibrant Jewish Nation that lasted for over 2 millennium until the exile.

2. That hundreds of thousand of Jews were either expelled from Europe (or escaped) as well as Arab lands and had only the State of Israel ready with open arms to receive them.

3. The the so called “Palestinians” are not a nation, not a people and have no heritage prior to their creation by Yasser Arafat in 1964. Prior to that, newly arrived Jews and Arabs having migrated to the area known as the mandate for Palestine from the late 1800’s through the mid 20th century simply added to the small local indigenous population of Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin and Christians. Prior to 1948, “Palestinians” were considered the Jews of the then mandated region of Palestine. The local Arabs in fact preferred to be known by their heritage either as Syrian, Egyptian or Arabian. There are hundreds of articles and interviews of local and international Arab leaders and politicians who fiercely deny any people known as Palestinians (I can cite if needed).

4. The current state of relations between Israel and the so called Palestinians is caused primarily because of the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to sit down and negotiate final status arguments. Abu Mazen knows that he will be assassinated for any concession he makes to Israel. Hamas holds the other card, while Iran and Turkey are dangling their influence in the background. In the interim Israel has no choice then to manage its affairs to the best of its ability. That means fences and walls to ward off terrorism, strict controls on movement of Arabs between Israel and the territories and a naval/land blockade on Gaza until they stop firing rockets and allow their economy to recover and stop using their citizens as sacrificial lambs to Israeli return fire. Israel left Sinai when the other side was supposed to negotiate for peace. Israel left disputed lands in the Arava and returned them to Jordan all in the context of a peace agreement. Israel tried to make peace with Syria and they refused to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist let alone come to some sort of deal on the Golan (yes Israel could have traded the high ground with the lowlands near Kuneitra so that Syria can claim at least a partial victory.) With regard to Lebanon, Israel proved that if there is a safe and stable buffer of land south of the Litani river peaceful coexistence can occur (SLA and Christian Phalangists maintaining a buffer between the Shia Hezbollah, Palestinians and Israel) for almost 20 years.

With regard to the current state of affairs in the territories note:

1. Israel does have a legal right to allow the populating of public lands as it designated for new towns/villages. Having won these territories in a defensive war international law accepts the status quo as long as the inhabitants are provided human rights and dignity.

2. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people regardless of Mohammed’s steed etc. This has been established by all three faiths and historical fact.

3. “East” Jerusalem is irrelevant since it was simply a part of the city (that was not divided for thousands of years) illegally occupied by Jordan for 19 years while it de-judaized the city from its Hebrew history and culture until little was left. Tombstones were removed, synagogues were shut down and Jews were forbidden to visit their holy sites.

4. Each time you refer and quote UN resolutions you are simply painting yourself with a Guy Fawkes mask. You know damn well that UN is comprised of voting blocks and all these resolutions pass primarily because of one of 2 things:
A) The Arab/Muslim block.
B) The undeveloped non-aligned nations that are under the influence of A.

Put those 2 together, add a few abstentions from western countries that are too busy making money off the Iranians, Turks and Gulf states, and you have the perfect cocktail for Israel to always be condemned. The irony is that most of these nations are themselves brutal dictatorships and as the saying goes…. you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

The anti-Semitic BDS movement is a farce since it only wants to boycott Israel when it doesn’t hurt the boycotter. Try boycotting your iPhone, your Intel based PC, half the medical and technological and cyber products that come from Israel. If you do so you might as well go back to the stone age.

Whereas I know you probably won’t allow this to go to print as in the past you have stated that your reason for blocking is because of the tone or rudeness of the poster, I will nevertheless submit in the hope that instead of a blanket erasure you take the time to address each of my points and then allow for rebuttal. Doing so would make you more of a “mensch” and allow for honest discussion, something which in the past you have refrained to do.

Let us hope also that the recent elections in Israel will finally force all those holdouts to realize that it is better to negotiate for something then to wallow in misery for decades to come for nothing. The “Palestinians” have the chance of becoming a new Singapore, a new Hong Kong, a new beginning where coupled with Israeli and Arab capital and a willingness to accept the place of the Jew in Judea, Samaria and the rest of Israel a new era of peace and prosperity is quite possible.

Aaron Remer