Falk’s attack on Jerusalem

I posted this today on Falk’s website. I doubt he will publish it:


Before providing a salient link lower down I will quote a recent commentary by a well known American Physician in New York who writes in his email blog and ties the Trump announcement and the yet to be passed Taylor Force Act:


“The next step for Trump prior to actually moving the embassy should be to sign into law the Taylor Force Act and stop sending $ 300 million/year of American taxpayer money to the corrupt Palestinian Authority to fund the monthly salaries of the Terrorists in Israeli prisons who are paid by ratio of how many Jews they have killed.

The amount is 700 million if you include what is paid to these families indirectly through UNWRA (these numbers are 2016 records). More dead Jews = higher monthly salary.

All 300 million goes to the families of these imprisoned killers.

If you don’t believe this then by all means look it up.

Fox News did a good piece on this recently and it is available for viewing on YouTube.

This 28 year old non-Jewish American marine was stabbed to death while on vacation in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist on the Tel Aviv ocean boardwalk last year, among with 10 other victims prior to being shot to death by Israeli police.

This terrorists body was returned to his village and received a heroes welcome/ funeral.

Taylor’s parents have spearheaded this act together with Republican Lindsey Graham.

Of course Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Dannon is also much involved in the lobbying of this bill.

Sadly this bill has not landed on the Presidents desk for signature yet.

It recently passed the House of Representatives.

This took a lot of arm twisting as originally not one Democratic Congressman supported it (ongoing Obama influence).

It is now set to be debated in the Senate.

Any Democratic Senator who opposes this bill should be singled for public taxpayer opinion re their prior campaign funding records, in my opinion.

Such campaign funding investigation would truly shed light on the amount and extend of influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the swamp known as Washington.

BTW, one of the highest recipients of such Arab lobbying money was Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Do not take my word for any of this.

Please do whatever research is required for you to realize that this is not Fake News.”

H. Novick MD


Here is the Jerusalem link: