In reponse to Kata Fisher’s comment on Falk’s website

“Palestinians’ rights to have an independent state next to the Zionist entity is not the feasible solution – it is a delusion-irrational fraction of a mind/s. It is a civil-ecclesiastical illegal.”
****Agreed as there is no Palestinian people. Only Arabs that call themselves such.

“Palestinians’ rights include the abolishment of Jordan landmark in Holy Land and get their Landmarkers between Palestinian-Israel and Saud province of Jordan –”

*****Not sure which Jordanian landmark you are referring to. Jordan’s only involvement in the Holy Land other then their occupation of Judea and Samaria between 1948 and 1967 is the management of the Temple Mount through their Wakf.

“I do not see anything else to be just and right, without consequences on the next Generations of Arabs and Jews in the Region.”
******True, only future strife can be anticipated by a “Palestinian” State next to Israel. Ultimately there already is one and its called Jordan. Let them change the name!!

“Further, Nuclear things are not even possible to be touched out of Israel – as long as there are crookedly made landmarks of Holy Land.”
******This is totally Chinese (no offence to our Asian friends). Unable to understand as the English is undecipherable.
“No one can ask or beg anyone to do anything that is threat increasing for someone, and irrational.”

“Israel, in fact did bring on open grave upon themeless by stealing nuclear items – that what was not in their Spiritual authority. That fact adds another hell in the region.”
******I don’t know where you got this from. France built at least one of the 2 Israeli Nuclear reactors. What did Israel steal?

“But with a minute – all that- is actually done by special interest cults and sects.”
****** Unable to understand as the English is undecipherable.

“I do not know about all you folks – but all of you should just slap yourself awake from bewitchments and delusions of self-made graves.”
****** Unable to understand as the English is undecipherable.

“Blessed Passover for all that calibrate the Feast
Happy Pesach!!”

***** I guess you meant “celebrate”. Thank you too!! I just decided to eat my first time Yemenite Mazoth!!

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