Hobbits and grasshoppers, against Gandalf, Fairy Queens, Trump and bikers

From my friend Elsa. Feel free to comment at the end or visit her blog as well

Sometimes I feel like Gandalf among hobbits who don’t want to listen – or maybe even more like Gandalf among grasshoppers hip hopping around, gathering yet again “against fear” after yet another jihad mass murder – while doing nothing to stop the menace, just going on with their hobbit or grasshopper lives.

Actually I don’t feel like Gandalf of Lord of the Rings. Such a powerful serene presence. I sometimes feel more like a frustrated Fairy Queen, waving her wand of words while the grasshoppers are hip hopping around and the hobbits are gathering flowers and grief.

The situation is darker than in the Shire. In the Shire, Mordor is far away, though it’s on its way. Here the hobbits and grasshoppers live with ever more of Mordor among them, among us – No Go Zones, Islamic rape gangs “grooming” indigenous European girls, attacks on the freedom of speech of non-Islamics while jihad murder attacks are celebrated openly by some Islamics.

Gandalf reached Frodo, the hobbit he intended to reach, and Frodo quickly reached his 2 best friends. The three hobbits set off together to tackle Mordor.

Perhaps the people who are needed to tackle political correctness and Islam have been reached. There are millions of people worldwide with at least some awareness of the dangerous nature of both political correctness and Islam – people in Australia, India, Great Britain, United States, France, Canada, Israel, Ireland – on and on.

But the question remains: will we stay a relatively small number of people tackling our “Mordor” – and all the same, as in Lord of the Rings, destroying Mordor against all odds?

That brings me to Trump – a bit of fresh air, like from wind entering through a hole freshly blasted in the side of a dank and gloomy cave.

Trump isn’t Gandalf the Wise. He’s someone Tolkien, creator of the worlds of the Shire and of Mordor, didn’t envision. A couple of years ago, I wrote The Joker is Wild(http://elsasemporium.com/political-rap.html) Yes, Trump is definitely a wild card. And millions are wild about him – not just Americans, but people worldwide.

My guess is millions upon millions in the democracies have been hungering for a strong force against paralyzing see-no-evil political correctness. So the “parade” has been there, waiting for someone with enough force of personality and POWER (in this case, through personal wealth plus media savvy). Trump has stepped to lead a parade just waiting to happen.

I like seeing someone with enough strength to be heard against the politically correct uproar.

Many of us have long been doing what we can, with our more limited strength and resources. We’ve created a good part of the “parade.”

I think of prominent people like Geert Wilders, Bat Ye’or, Mark Durie, Bill Warner, Pamela Geller, Mark Steyn, Marine Le Pen, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Jamie Glazov – on and on. Ideas, awarenesses, information. Political presence. Books, blogs, online channels.

I also think of the people who go to events, who show up to hear Robert Spencer, Lars Hedegaard, Allen West. I think as well of the far greater number of people who are open to hearing and who share their awareness, to the best of their ability, with friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers.

I’d say that Trump is, as the saying goes, standing on the shoulders of giants – people with courage and willingness to see what we’re not supposed to see, and to speak out about it despite the dangers from the politically correct and Islamics (dangers from verbal abuse to ostracism to lawfare to violence).

Today I’m going to celebrate some of those “little people” – bikers in this case. I first noticed bikers for freedom in the Million Biker Ride to DC a couple of years ago – in response to an event called for by an Islamic group, a Million Muslims to DC. It was impressive.

Now bikers are organizing again, this time against the well-organized protesters showing up to disrupt Trump’s rallies:

Patriotic Bikers from all across the United States are planning to show up at ALL future TRUMP rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak. Or interfere with the rights of Trump supporters to safely attend. WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED!

Their stepping up got me to add a few words to photos of the bikers: We’ve Just Begun – as in, we’ve just begun to get the numbers and power and awareness to turn the tide:

What do I see most with the bikers? Like the politically correct, they link with each other. So they easily organize huge events.

The rest of us can learn from that.

So many horrors to face daily. Here’s just one. On Easter Friday, a Christian priest, Thomas Uzhunnalil, was crucified by ISIS.

We need to organize in strength for freedom and safety.

All the best for all of us who care and dare,


One thought on “Hobbits and grasshoppers, against Gandalf, Fairy Queens, Trump and bikers

  1. Re Falk’s new post on arms sales:

    Israel sells arms to governments. Some of these governments are repressive but they are legal and recognized governments, just as the repressive government of Syria is a legal and recognized government, as people like Prof. Falk have reminded us more than once, not in the least bit troubled that Russia supplies it with the arms being used to massacre its own population, so this is just another instance of pure and simple hypocrisy.

    Israel naturally has a great deal of expertise in defending itself against barbaric terrorism and massive enemy attacks like the recent Hamas attack, so it is very natural for governments wishing to protect their citizens against such barbarism to purchase Israeli arms, know-how and technologies. Calling terrorism resistance does not obscure the fact that these barbarians are attacking innocent civilians. This is today a universal problem so it makes perfect sense for victimized countries to turn to Israel for solutions.

    What the haters refuse to recognize is that Israel has no other purpose in its security measures than protecting its civilian population. When the terrorism stops the security measures will vanish. Prof. Falk, who likes to draw up scorecards with other people’s lives, can be a hero with his own children, not with mine.


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