Rumsfeld: The One Human Being “Unaware” Of Building 7?

I can’t believe that you or anyone can believe the hundreds of lies in Christopher Bollyn’s video link you sent. One long unsubstantiated anti-Semitic monologue!!


By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet Some people have, as most journalists experience, various levels of negative opinions of Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. But try to name one other journalist who’s gotten directly into the faces of Rothschild, Kissinger, Silverstein etc., and now – Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rudkowski recently ran into the former Secretary of Defense during the time of 9/11 in 2001, and asked him about World Trade Center Building 7, the 3rd skyscraper to collapse on September 11, and about which virtually every man, woman and child on Earth knows about.

Consider this:

In response to the “smoking gun” controversy surrounding Building 7, Rumsfeld told Luke Rudkowski: “I don’t know anything about that.”

There are people who’ll see this short three-minute video and react with laughter, or get some kind of “kick” out of hearing Rumsfeld, frankly, lie through his teeth. Unfortunately, what Rudkowski captured on film and audio…

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6 thoughts on “Rumsfeld: The One Human Being “Unaware” Of Building 7?

  1. Aaron

    It isn’t clear to me who is initiating these Jerry Alatalo posts. I would prefer to see you yourself posting the entries and the rest of us commenting on topic, and not a situation where people take over the blog to promote their own special causes. As for the I Hate Israel video, I would advise Jerry to read a little more widely about the conflict and come back to us when he is equipped to evaluate and verify what the haters toss around instead of hiding behind any piece of anti-Israel material he gets his hands on.


    • this is quite intentional.
      As you recall my blog is about NOT being censored.
      Whenever I comment on someone else’s blog such as Richard and Jerry etc, and they delete my comment, I then re-blog on mine so that others can weigh in. It sort of is a counter-punch to their shutting me out (or others for that matter).


      • Aaron,

        I agree with Fred.

        My interest in your blog was as a forum to present and discuss information and opinion Falk was censoring from his blog (a policy that has expanded from censoring specific submissions that do not meet his “standards of civility” to what is now a blanket blockage of anything submitted by his critics, which is reprehensible for a self-proclaimed champion of free speech.) As you recall, Falk’s stated purpose in instituting draconian measures was to elevate the quality of discussion on his blog. Toward this end, he also declared a moratorium on Israel-related comments, pro or con, until the end of April.

        Late last week, Falk posted a lengthy piece on the attacks in Brussels. To date, this has elicited thirteen comments. Only one of them can even remotely be characterized as meaningful discussion. One is a request from Mondoweiss for permission to post the piece. Two are complements from admirers, including his Designated Acolyte Gene Schulman. The remainder are divided between Rehmat1 and Ray32 who, via serial postings, somehow manage to cast the attacks as a Black Flag operation executed by the Mossad. Ray32 goes so far as to cite biblical quotations to support his madness. And what about Falk’s moratorium on Israel-related comments?

        Two informed responses (Fred and Harvey) appear on your blog. I fear that thoughtful pieces like these will be drowned in a sea of insanity such as Jerry Alatalo’s Building 7 conspiracy theory, and soon I’ll be back in an environment similar to Prof. Falkland.

        Aaron, I appreciate that your blog is more widely focused than I had thought. The misperception is mine. However, I’m stepping away, at least for a while. If your blog moves in a direction more congenial to my interests, I’ll be back. In any event, I want to thank you for taking the initiative, and wish you success.

        Ira Youdovin


      • Aaron,
        Like yourself I’m about not being censored, and, to make things perfectly clear, I have published all of your comments. The focus of the We Are Change video is Donald Rumsfeld and his unbelievable assertion he knows nothing about Building 7. My writing never mentions Israel so it’s difficult to know how this specific video became perceived as “I hate Israel”, unless that sentiment became carried over from the Bollyn presentation – which is understandable. The essential message is anti-criminal, in this instance the person of Donald Rumsfeld.

        Fred: ” I would advise Jerry to read a little more widely about the conflict…”

        The topic is September 11, 2001, so please elaborate on “the conflict”, as no reference was made to any particular war. What “conflict” do you refer to?
        Thank you.


        • Jerry,
          This is a free discussion. I do not intend to moderate Fred’s comments whether accurate or not unless they break the only 2 or 3 guidelines I set out from the beginning. If he perceives the video as being “I hate Israel” then that’s his opinion right or wrong. Feel free to address it. The Bollyn video is clearly anti-Semitic which by extension would also make it anti-Israel in my OPINION as well.



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